X1 member affiliation! CRAVITY debuts with “BREAK ALL THE RULES”! !!


Produce101 became a social phenomenon in Korea.

It is a program that the trainee who aims at the idol makes a debut, and survives.

I.O.I, WannaOne, IZ*ONE have been born.

The latest ProduceX101 debuted X1, but X1 was disbanded due to the issue of voting operation.

ProduceX101 attracted a lot of attention from the members of starship, the office to which MONSTA X belongs.

Hyeongjun and MINHEE debuted as X1 and were very popular.

Finally, CRAVITY, which also belongs to Hyeongjun and Minhee from STARSHIP, debuted in “BREAK ALL THE RULES”.


CRAVITY of nine people together.

Five members were joined in addition to Hyeongjun , Minhee, And Wonjin and Jungmo , who appeared on ProduceX101.

The debut song “BREAK ALL THE RULES” is a very cool song with a performance that fits the breath of nine people.

[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [10회] ♬이뻐이뻐(Pretty Girl)ㅣ'국프님 마음에 색색을 물들일' 크레파스 @콘셉트 평가

Speaking of starship members, the cute image of “Pretty Girl” that i showed on ProduceX101 was strong, so i can feel the gap in the debut song “BREAK ALL THE RULES”.

Everyone was growing up to be a man.

Especially, the dance break on the way was insanely cool.

The performance is attractive, so I want to see live video as soon as possible.

Please check out CRAVITY’s debut song “BREAK ALL THE RULES” ♪

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