“Simon Says” is related? NCT2021 “Universe” teaser is a hot topic !

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The new album “Universe” will be released by NCT2021 on December 14th.

The track videos of the new songs of NCT DREAM, WayV, and NCT 127 recorded in “Universe” have been released, and expectations for the title song “Universe” are rising.

Today, December 7th, the teaser for NCT2021 “Universe” has been released!

This is the teaser for NCT2021 “Universe” posted on NCT’s official Twitter account.

Finally, teaser and photo about the title song “Universe” have been released, and the concept has attracted attention.

NCT2021 members with masked their faces with bandana, and the concept like villains was cool 😆

Looking at NCT 2021 “Universe” teaser, fans remembered NCT 127 “Simon Says”.

Even in “Simon Says”, NCT 127 members wore masks to hide their faces.

Many fans are considering the relationship between “Simon Says” and “Universe”.

“Universe” seemed to be a baseball-related song, and at the end, “Let’s Play Baseball” was displayed.

I’m still not sure about the concept, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance will be seen in “Universe”!

Let’s check out the music video for NCT2021 “Universe” that will be released in the future ♪