V’s hair is blonde! ? BTS won the Daesang in “2020 SOBA”!


TWICE, RedVelvet, MAMAMOO, Kang Daniel and many other popular artists have appeared in “2020 SOBA”.

SOBA this year was held online due to the influence of coronavirus.

BTS won the Daesang in “2020 SOBA”!

This is the comment video when BTS won the Dasang in “2020 SOBA”.

Unfortunately, there was no stage performance for BTS.

In the comment video of the award, V’s hair color became a hot topic!

V’s hair color was blonde!

Jin had a light hair color similar to Tete.

BTS’s new song “Dynamite” will be released soon.

There are high expectations for the visual changes of BTS members.

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BTS won the Daesang in “2020 SOBA”.

BTS will continue to be popular in 2020!

Congratulations on winning the Daesang !!