BTS’s stage is too gorgeous! MMA 2019

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MMA2019 was a great excitement.

Many popular artists also appeared this year!

Speaking of MMA, the stage is also a grand award ceremony every year.

This year, various artists performed a wonderful stage.

This time, I will introduce the BTS stage.

BTS performed many songs.

It was a great excitement from the appearance.

After the stage of “Mikrokosmos”, which looked like a universe, it was a medley of hit songs so far.

V’s “NO MORE DREAM”, JIN’s “Danger”, JIMIN ’s “I NEED YOU”, SUGA’s “Fire”, Jungkook’s “Save Me”, j-hope’s “FAKE LOVE”!

And after all, “Dionysus”.

The scale is orders of magnitude.

The appearance on the desk was a masterpiece!

The dance break on the way was great!

The special version of “Dionysus” is rare.

It is a permanent preservation version.

From the beginning to the end, it was a BTS stage that you can’t take your eyes off ♪