Dolls appeared instead of Daehwi! ? AB6IX at red carpet in “2020 SOBA” is a hot topic !!


“2020 SOBA” featuring many popular idols such as TWICE, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, NCT DREAM.

SOBA was held online this year, but it was a gorgeous lineup.

AB6IX has become a hot topic on the “2020 SOBA” red carpet!

This is a picture of AB6IX members who appeared on the red carpet of “2020 SOBA” on August 13.

Daehwi couldn’t attend the red carpet because there was a live MC of MCOUNTDOWN.

Instead of Daehwi, Woong had a Daehwi doll!

It was interesting that Woong had a cute Daehwi doll with great care.

The feeling of AB6IX members towards Daehwi has been transmitted.

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AB6IX’s red carpet, where the appearance of Daehwi doll became a hot topic.

AB6IX always shows a surprising stage.

We continue to support the success of AB6IX♪

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