Be happy ! Girls’ Generation Taeyeon releases new song “Happy” !!

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If you like KPOP, there is no one who does not know Girl’s Generation.

It is a girl group that repainted a number of records.

They are currently working their personal activities.

This time, I will introduce the new song “Happy” of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon !

TAEYEON 태연 'Happy' MV

This is the new song “Happy” by Taeyeon, which was released on May 4.

It is MV of a lovely view of the world, and it seems to be able to become happy just by listening to it as the song name.

It was a song that was perfect for spring and made you feel like you’re a good fit.

In this “Happy” MV, Taeyeon’s cute hairstyle attracted attention.

The photo that Taeyeon posted on Instagram also became a hot topic.

It was a photograph that the charm of a pretty Taeyeon was felt with plenty.

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Taeyeon’s new song “Happy” is perfect for spring.

A cute MV seems to be happy just by looking at it.

Please check it out♪