Flower tattoo on NCT127 member’s wrist! ? I’m curious about the story of “Favorite”!


NCT 127’s new album “Favorite” will be released on October 25th.

Yesterday, “Story of Favorite” was released, and the story reminiscent of vampires attracted attention.

Today, October 21st, the next episode of NCT 127 “Story of Favorite” has been released!

This is Mark’s “Story of Favorite” posted on the official Instagram of NCT 127.

Mark spoke English lines and was really cool!

In addition to Mark, Junny and Jungwoo’s “Story of Favorite” were also released, and each had a different story.

There were many points to be interesting, and the flower tattoos on their wrists are attracting attention among fans!

I could see a flower tattoo on Mark’s wrist.

Jaehyun, which was released first, and Junny’s wrist also have flower tattoos, so it seems to have some meaning!

I’m curious about how their flower tattoo connected to the vampire 😆

Be sure to check out Taeil and Haechan’s “Story of Favorite” which will be released next ♪