SuperM releases MV for「One(Monster&Infinity)」! The lyrics contain a powerful message for the future !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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SuperM has made a comeback with their new album “Super One”.

SuperM released “100” and “Tiger Inside” so far.

The music video for SuperM’s new song “One (Monster & Infinity)” has been released!

This is the MV for SuperM “One (Monster & Infinity)” released on September 25th.

The other day, SuperM unveiled “One (Monster & Infinity)” in Ellen’s show, and the cool performance attracted attention.

In the MV, you could feel like a science fiction movie.

“No game, watch me deliver every time / Catch me in the latest driving spaceships / One way, we going up ain’t no decline / Landing in the matrix tryna break it “

It conveys a powerful message to the future “Let’s overcome difficulties and aim for higher heights.”

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In “One (Monster & Infinity)”, we could hear not only the main vocal Baekhyun but also Ten’s powerful vocals.

Ten was always in charge of dance, so it was great to hear Ten’s vocals.

Kai’s sexy outfit was also wonderful!

Please check out the MV of SuperM “One (Monster & Infinity)” which is full of highlights ♪