BTS releases new Japanese original song “Stay Gold”! Also pay attention to the wonderful lyrics that are repeated !!

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BTS’s 4th Japanese album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY ~” released on July 15th.

“Stay Gold” has become a hot topic because it is the theme song of a drama starring Kei Tanaka.

Such BTS Japan original song “Stay Gold” has been released on YouTube !

Stay Gold

This is the new BTS song “Stay Gold” that was released on YouTube on June 19.

Stay Gold has been a little talked about before, and it’s already talked about!

The finally released “Stay Gold” has entered a trend all at once.

It was goose bumps from the first piano sound and Jung Kook’s voice!

“Stay Gold, I’ll find Stay Gold in my dreams”

“Stay Gold, As long as you Stay Gold, I don’t need anything”

The repeated Stay Gold phrase was impressive.

I want to hear it live as soon as possible!

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“Stay Gold” released by the world-famous BTS.

It seems that Stay Gold will also be performing live on CDTV!

I’m glad to hear on TV so quickly!

Please check it out!