Talking between BTS Jimin and Jungkook’s mother on the phone is a hot topic! V’s mother also appeared on the phone! “Run BTS!”

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS gain popularity from fans not only for stage performances, but also for their friendships.

In BTS’s original program “Run BTS!”, you can see a lot of cute scenes.

In “Run BTS!” released on April 13, the phone call of Jimin and Jungkook’s mother became a hot topic!

This is “Run BTS!” posted on BTS’s V LIVE channel.

There was music intro quiz in this “Run BTS!”.

BTS members were divided into teams of Jungkook & Jimin (Gukmin), RM &Taehyung (V), and Jin & j-hope.

It was cute that V tried to remember the song title while singing “Parapara Papa-n” .

The scene where Jungkook called his mother became a hot topic! (Around 9 minutes)

Jungkook asked his mother for the song title , and the conversation between Jungkook and his mother attracted attention.

It seems that Jungkook’s mother couldn’t hear the song at first, but thanks to Jungkook’s father, they were able to get the correct answer.

Jimin was joyed, and when he greeted Hello Jungkook’s Mom. I’m Jimin.”, Jungkook’s mother said “Oh, Jimin. I love you.” !

It was a wonderful scene because BTS members and their families have good relationships.

Not only Jungkook but also V called his mother and it was “Run BTS!” Full of highlights 😆

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BTS recently released a new Japanese song “Film out” and won the 81st place on the Billboard Hot 100!

It’s been a great achievement since Kyu Sakamoto that Japanese songs are ranked in the Billboard Hot 100, and BTS’s popularity is great.

Please check out the next “Run BTS!” ♪