BTS KookMin has finished making Kimpa and posted a 2-shot photo!


A close friend of BTS, Jimin and Jung Kook.

The duo of two people is known as Kookmin.

On June 21, KookMin made a kimpa on V-live.

Kookmin, who has finished making Kimpa, posted a cute 2 shot photo, so I’ll introduce it!

This is a 2-shot photo of KookMin posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

Kookmin in aprons were fresh!

The face had cute processing of flowers and bees!

Kookmin iare cute as it is, but it’s cute when it’s processed.

It was an unbearable V-live for Kookmin fans.

I want Kookmin to continue to show various appearances.

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BTS Jimin and JungKook who are always good friends.

Kookmin’s making Kimpa was really interesting.

Please check it out!