BTS Jimin’s hair changed from rainbow to black! Sexy clothes are cool!

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BTS made a comeback with the new song “Butter”.

Yesterday, the MV of “Butter”‘s Hotter Remix was released, and new arrangements are attracting attention.

Jimin, who was rainbow hair in the MV of “Butter”, dyed his hair to black!

Here is a picture of Jimin posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

“That’s right. Actually, I dyed my hair.” .

In “Butter”, Jimin’s colorful rainbow hair was talked about, and Jimin with black hair is also cool.

Jimin’s outfit is very sexy 😆

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BTS performed a new song “Butter” on Good Morning America (GMA) following the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) and The Late Show.

On GMA, there was also a stage of “Dynamite” , and their white outfits were summery and wonderful!

Please check out the performance of BTS “Butter” on GMA ♪