Transformed into a handsome phantom thief! THE BOYZ covers SHINee Taemin’s “Danger” in Kingdom! !

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THE BOYZ, where all the members are handsome.

The appearance on Road to Kingdom has been decided and has become a hot topic.

THE BOYZ won first place in the 90-second performance.

On the following stage THE BOYZ covered SHINee Taemin’s “Danger”!

This is the stage of “Danger” by THE BOYZ.

It was like I was watching a musical on a stage that was well thought out.

Despite the large number of members, the breathtaking performance was overwhelming.

The other performers were surprised at the performance of running up like stairs using their body.

Sun Woo ‘s rap part was also cool!

The arrangement of the original song is amazing!

By the way, at the end I was firmly stealing the treasure.


Performance of THE BOYZ from the beginning to the end.

The members who turned into a handsome phantom thief were really cool.

Please check it out ♪