BTS Jungkook with Calvin Klein is a hot topic! The sexy teaser is wonderful!


Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS.

Jungkook currently do solo activities, and his performance at the opening ceremony of the World Cup became a hot topic.

Recently, rumors of a collaboration between Jungkook and Calvin Klein have become a hot topic among ARMY!

Not only Jungkook, BTS members have been wearing Calvin Klein products.

This time, Cédric Murac, the global head of the creative department at Calvin Klein, followed Jungkook’s Instagram, and rumors of collaboration are spreading.

Calvin Klein is famous for its underwear, which is worn not only by BTS but also by many KPOP idols.

And on March 27th, Calvin Klein’s teaser was finally released!

Looking at the hand tattoos and part of the face, ARMY are excited!

Don’t miss the news about the future collaboration between Jungkook and Calvin Klein♪