“Euphoria Room Spray” is a hot topic! New HYBE merchandise is released !

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Big Hit Entertainment to which BTS and TXT belong.

The other day, the company name changed to HYBE, and the new company building is drawing attention.

There is also the HYBE museum that fans can enter.

New HYBE merchandise have been released!

If you go to the “HYBE INSITE” category of the Weverse shop, you will find cute merchandise such as hoodies, cross bags, and smartphone cases.

If you select “Visitor only”, you will see wonderful goods such as photo cards and posters of HYBE idols.

The most talked about merchandise is “Euphoria Room Spray”!

Jungkook’s solo song “Euphoria” has appeared as a room spray.

It’s a shame that it’s a visitor-only merchandise 😢

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The other day, a video of HYBE’s new office building was released on YouTube.

HYBE Idols did V Live at the new office building, and new conference rooms and practice rooms are attracting attention.

Please check out HYBE merchandise ♪