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BTS Jungkook covered Harry Styles “Falling”! Let’s listen to Jungkook’s healing singing voice !

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Jungkook is the youngest member (Maknae) of BTS .

Jungkook is good at everything from vocal, dance, rap and painting talent, so he is called “Golden Maknae”.

Jungkook has covered “Falling” by Harry Styles!

Falling (Original Song: Harry Styles) by JK of BTS

This is a cover video of “Falling” by BTS Jungkook released on YouTube.

“Falling” is a song released in February 2020 by Harry Styles.

Harry Styles and Jungkook are the youngest members of a popular group in the world, so they have a little in common.

Previously, Justin Bieber’s “10000 Hours” covered by Jungkook was also a hot topic.

It’s been a while since Jungkook posted a cover song, and it was a nice surprise for ARMY.

“Falling” sung by Jungkook has a different charm from the original song, and you will be healed by Jungkook’s singing voice.

I would like to continue listening to many wonderful songs covered by Jungkook ♪