BTS Jimin’s wallpaper is Mickey Mouse! ? Cute wallpaper is a hot topic!

Quote from:VLIVE

BTS is preparing for the comeback of their new album “BE” to be released in November.

BTS held the “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” and, it was a great success.

This time, I will introduce the wallpaper of BTS Jimin!

This is V Live broadcast by Jimin on October 20th.

Jimin previously announced that he would broadcast V Live.

Fans were delighted with the long-awaited V Live of Jimin.

Jimin were also talking about “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E”.

Among ARMY, Jimin’s wallpaper is a hot topic!

The Mickey Mouse wallpaper was displayed on the screen of the smartphone that Jimin showed to the fans.

The fans were surprised at Jimin’s cute wallpaper!

Jimin’s cute wallpaper is popular among fans.

By the way, October 13th was Jimin’s birthday.

Fans and BTS members celebrated Jimin’s birthday.

Let’s check the future activities of BTS Jimin ♪