The lyrics of 36.5 are great! BTS Taehyung(V) posted an unreleased demo of “Life Goes On (LGO)”! ?


“Life Goes On (LGO)” released by BTS in November 2020.

“Life Goes On” is a song that is has given a lot of people healing.

Yesterday, May 4th, the unreleased demo of “Life Goes On” posted by BTS Taehyung(V) in the story of Instagram has become a hot topic!

This is a video of the song posted in the story of BTS Taehyung(V)’s personal Instagram.

“The path of the galaxy where all stars gather

I followed it all night

The unchanging sunlight

Don’t abandon your dreams

The rainbow is still rising

Our temperature is always 36.5 “

Probably it was an unreleased demo of “Life Goes On”, and it was a precious singing voice!

The lyrics are different from the actual “Life Goes On (LGO)”, which is a very nice lyrics.

“36.5” is a hot topic!

“36.5” is considered to represent our body temperature.

On the other hand, ARMY’s theory that BTS will make a comeback on June 10th, which is “36.5 days”, is also interesting.

I don’t know if it happened to be “36.5 days” or if Taehyung (V) intentionally released the “Life Goes On” demo on that day, and this theory is so wonderful 😆

I’m looking forward to the 3 new songs included in BTS’new album “Proof” ♪