BTS Jin’s mic color is pink, J-HOPE is mint, and RM is blue! Their mic color change in “PTD ON STAGE” has become a hot topic!


BTS held an online concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” on October 24th.

ARMY all over the world watched it, and the great setlist became a hot topic.

In this “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”, the color of the BTS member’s mic attracted attention!

BTS sold the mics used in the live tour at auction, so the color of the mic often changes.

Taehyung (V)’s mic changed from green to gray, Jin’s mic changed from pink to green, and there have been recent color changes.

In “PTD ON STAGE”, Jin’s mic changed to pink again!

J -HOPE’s mic was like mint green, and RM’s mic was blue, and their mic color was beautiful.

I’m wondering if the color of the mic was different for “PTD ON STAGE”, or if BTS members will continue to work with the color of the mic as it is 😆

Let’s check the color of BTS members’ mic in the future ♪