Handsome guys looking in the mirror! BTS “BE” concept clip (mirror version) released !!

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Quote from:BTS official twitter
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BTS will make a comeback with their new album “BE” on November 20th.

It was also announced that the title song is “Life Goes On”.

The concept clip (mirror version) of BTS’new album “BE” has been released!

This is the concept clip (mirror version) of BTS “BE” released at 00:00 on November 1st.

The BTS members looking in the mirror as they passed by were cool!

At the end, a group video was played, and it was a video that felt a warm atmosphere like a family.

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The concept clip of BTS “BE” released following the concept photo.

I’m still not sure what the concept is!

Please check out the teaser that will be released in the future ♪