God of Music? What’s meaning of SEVENTEEN “음악의신” ? Comeback with “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN”!


SEVENTEEN is a popular boy group of 13 members.

SEVENTEEN is scheduled to make a comeback with their new album “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” on October 23rd, and many CARAT are looking forward to it.

Today, October 16th, the track list of SEVENTEEN’s new album “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” was released!

This is the track list of “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” posted on SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter.

A lot of new songs are scheduled to be included, and all of them had interesting song titles.

The title song was “음악의신”!

The meaning of “음악의신” is “God of Music”.

It seems that the reading of “음악의신” is “eum-ag-uisin”.

“음악(umak)” means “music,” and “신(shin)” means “god.”

It really represents SEVENTEEN, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance they will perform😆

Actually, at 2023TMA held a while ago, Seungkwan was talking about the title “God Of Music”.

Let’s check out SEVENTEEN’s new song “음악의신(God Of Music)” that will be released in the future♪