BTS Jimin posts selfie after a long absence! Cool hairstyles !!

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Quote from:BTS twitter
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Korean 7-member boy group BTS.

BTS updates SNS etc. every day.

It’s been a long time since I couldn’t meet live, but I’m happy to be able to meet BTS thanks to SNS.

This time I would like to introduce BTS Jimin’s selfie, which he posted after a long time!

This is a selfie posted by BTS Jimin on July 27th.

BTS announced a new single to be released on August 21st.

After that, Jimin showed us to Selfie, so I was even more happy.

Jimin told ARMY his love, “Good night. I love you.”

Since Jimin hasn’t posted a selfie after a long time, ARMY around the world was pleased.

Jimin’s cool hairstyle also looked great.

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BTS has announced the release of their new single.

BTS makes various surprises every time.

I’m looking forward to the release of the single♪