Healed! The tiger finger puppet video posted by BTS V is too cute! !!

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BTS always entertains ARMY.

BANGBANGCON is being held on April 18 th and 19th through the YouTube channel.

BTS interacts with ARMY every day through social networks and V live.

This time, I will introduce the cute finger doll video that BTS V posted on Twitter !

This is a video that V posted on Twitter.

The tiger’s finger doll is dancing to the song, and it is a very pretty animation.

It is healed when seeing!

At the end of the video, V shows his face.

Please pay attention by all means.

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V is always cool.

Even though he’s really handsome, he does cute things, so the gap is good.

I can understand the feeling of ARMY which is addicted to the swamp of V well.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of post they’ll post next♪