What’s meaning of SEVENTEEN “손오공(Super)”? Is it related to Journey to the West?


SEVENTEEN, a popular 13-member boy group.

SEVENTEEN will be making a comeback with their new album ‘FML’ on April 24th.

The other day, the name of one of the double title songs “손오공(Super)” was revealed!

This is a video about “FML” posted on SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter.

The name of the first title song “F*ck My Life” was revealed a little while ago.

This time, another new title song ‘손오공(Super)’ has been released.

Speaking of 손오공(Super), it is a character that appears in Journey to the West and the manga “Dragon Ball”!

Even in the video released this time, you can feel the world view like Journey to the West.

We can expect a powerful dance performance like SEVENTEEN!

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