What is SEVENTEEN’s SOGO? Small drum? New cheering merchandise is a hot topic!

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13-member KPOP boy group SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN is a popular group for their cool performances.

SO GO has become a hot topic at the fan meeting “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND”, which will be held from March 25th!

This is a tweet about SO GO in “BEAUTIFUL” posted on SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter account.

SO GO is a small drum, and it is a new concert merchandise that appeared instead of CARAT being unable to make a loud voice due to the corona.

Previously, in “GOING SEVENTEEN”, there is the scene where DK(Seokmin) was hitting a drum like SO GO.

It’s a pity that CARAT can’t make a voice, but it’s interesting to see a new way of cheering that has never been seen before 😆

It’s like a festival to hit the drums together in time with the rhythm 🎵

he design of SO GO with SEVENTEEN’s logo is so cute, and it seems that some CARAT decorated the SO GO!

Let’s check how SO GO will be actually used in “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND” ♪