BTS turns into a mouse! Cute New Year greeting !!


BTS is active globally.

The performance at the Grammy Awards is attracting attention.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance they will show.

BTS posted a cute photo to commemorate Lunar New Year!


First, JHOPE and RM.

The processing with small mouse ears is very cute.

Header also has 2020 characters. It’s a New Year’s photo.

JHOPE has a cute mouse on his nose.


Followed by BTS manne line.

Manneline’s too cute mouse is irresistible to fans.

Everyone has a different expression and each one is attractive.


SUGA did it too!

SUGA looks cute!


The last is BTS Jin.

BTS also posted a photo of a mouse headband in the New Year.

Jin showed the pose of kiss to the camera.

Cute mouse!

I am looking forward to the performance at the Grammy Awards!