World star! EXO Kai monopolizes the covers of magazines around the world! !


EXO is a worldwide favorite.

KPOP is an idol that everyone knows.

EXO members are attracting attention from the fashion world.

This time, I would like to introduce the cover of the magazine in which EXO Kai appeared.

EXO Kai on the cover of ELLE KOREA April issue of the magazine.

Following Korea, it was decided to decorate the cover of elle May issue of three countries: Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam!

It is a world star indeed.

The pictures on every cover are lovely.

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Now EXO’s Xiumin and D.O. are enlisted, so there is no activity as a complete body, but I want to see EXO of the full body as soon as possible

I look forward to the success of Kai and EXO in the future♪

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