He looks too good ! NCT127 Jaehyun transforms into a baseball boy!

I will introduce NCT127 Jaehyun who transformed into a baseball boy in Inkigayo !

Too excited! ? NCT DREAM “Ridin ‘” MV reaction by NCT127! !

NCT DREAM made a comeback with the new album Reload. It has surpassed 500,000 copies from the reservation and is a g...

Pay attention to costume changes! NCT127 Mark and Taeyong celebrate DISPATCH! !

NCT127 Mark and Taeyong celebrated dispatch KOREA's 5 million Instagram followers !

Just listening to it makes you feel better! NCT DREAM makes comeback with “Ridin’ ” !

NCT DREAM made a comeback with the title song "Ridin' " of the new album "Reload".

It’s like “Your name.”! ? NCT127 Mark and Johnny have been swapped! ?

NCT127 Mark and Johnny posted an interesting video on YouTube!

Mark also joins!?NCT DREAM is in the new system!!

According to SM Entertainment, NCT DREAM will quit the system when it turns 20, and Mark will join us and continue his activities in the form of NCT U.

SM BondTwo shots of NCT Jaehyun and TVXQ MAX!!

SM entertainment with many popular artists including BOA, TVXQ, Girls' Generation, SuperJunior, EXO, SHINee. Inkigayo MC NCT Jaehyun released two shots with MAX.

BTS V is inducted into the Hall of Fame!!The ranking of the most handsome face in Asia is a topic!

BTS V was inducted into the Hall of Fame for "Asian Heartthrob of 2020" with "Asia's Most Handsome Face 2020"!

NCT127 Jungwoo and Taeil return lions to Yuta! ?

I will introduce the V live broadcast by NCT127 members !In this V-live, Yuta who did the lion, Jungwoo and Taeil were "lion return" together .

EXO Baekhyun supports NCT127! Blessing the first place of “Kick It” ♪

EXO Baekhyun congratulated NCT127, who won first place in "Kick It"! It was very valuable that NCT127 members sang Baekhyun's solo song "UN VILLAGE".