Mashiro, Jiwon, and Yaning show off ITZY “Mafia” on Girls Planet 999! Their girl crush performance is cool!

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The newly started audition program “Girls Planet 999”.

Currently, on Girls Planet 999, position evaluation stage divided into vocals, dance, and rap is broadcasted.

This time, I would like to introduce ITZY “마. 피. 아. In the morning” by Mashiro, Jiwon, and Yaning!

This is the cover stage of ITZY “마. 피. 아. In the morning” that was shown on Girls Planet 999.

The fancam was released a while ago, and the number of views of Mashiro’s fancam was particularly amazing.

Mashiro was the leader of the team.

Their teamwork was good, and the judges evaluated them from the concept decision.

The “마.피. 아. In the morning” that was actually shown had the girl crush charm 😆

I felt a different charm from “마. 피. 아. In the morning” sung by ITZY.

Mashiro was in charge of the killing part at the center, and her powerful singing ability was wonderful!

The performances of Jiwon and Yaning were also cool.

The number of views of the performance released this time has also great, and it has become a hot topic all over the world.

Let’s check the performances of Mashiro, Jiwon, and Yaning on “Girls Planet 999” in the future ♪