The OST “Love so Fine” of “True Beauty” sung by ASTRO Eunwoo has been released !


The drama “True Beauty” starring ASTRO Cha EunWoo has become a hot topic.

It’s a drama based on a web comic, with lots of romantic scenes.

Cha EunWoo participated in the OST of “True Beauty”!

[여신강림 OST MV] 차은우(ASTRO) – Love so Fine#여신강림 | True Beauty EP.15

This is a video of “Love so Fine” sung by EunWoo on YouTube.

There was a drama video of “True Beauty”, and there were many romantic scenes such as kissing scenes and judo scenes.

EunWoo’s recording scene was also shown, and his handsome looks were shining!

He has really perfect looks !

At the end, Eunwoo’s cute selfie was also shown.

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When the OST “Love so Fine” of “True Beauty” sung by Eunwoo is released, “#차은 우_여신 강림_Love So Fine” became a trend on Twitter !

The popularity of “True Beauty” is enormous, and it seems that EunWoo is becoming more and more popular.

We also support the activities of Eunwoo and ASTRO in the future ♪