ASTRO Moonbin & Billlie Moonsua collaborated at Music Bank! Brother and Sister’s ending fairy is so cute!

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ASTRO Moon Bin is very popular.

Moon Bin is a member who has various charms such as handsome, outstanding style, and great muscles.

Today, ASTRO Moon Bin and Billlie Moon Sua performed a collaboration stage of “Candy in my ears” at the Music Bank broadcast on June 24th !

This Music Bank was a special, and many popular idols such as IVE, NMIXX, Kep1er, and TXT have appeared.

There were also some special stages, and the collaboration between Moon Bin and Moon Sua (brother and sister) became a hot topic.

Since Moon Sua’s debut as Billlie, her co-starring with Moon Bin has been attracting attention every time.

It was the best collaboration to finally see the performance of Moon Bin and Moon Sua together!

It was cool that Moon Bin grabbed Moon Sua’s head😆

Moon Sua’s face expression was so cute !

At the ending, Moon Sua was showing her smile by sticking her head out of the jacket of Moon Bin’s suit!

It was a lovely ending, and Moon Sua said say “Laugh!” to Moon Bin.

I think Moonbin and Moonsua’s parents would be happy that see their collaboration stage!

There were lots of other stages full of highlights, so be sure to check out Music Bank ♪