ASTRO & PENTAGON & VICTON covered BTS “IDOL”! The gorgeous collaboration stage is a hot topic!

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Legendary KPOP idol BTS.

BTS is a very popular group all over the world, beyond Korea and Asia.

Members of ASTRO, PENTAGON and VICTON have covered BTS “IDOL” on MCOUNTDOWN!

[VICTON X ASTRO X PENTAGON – IDOL(OriginalSong by BTS)]#엠카운트다운 | M COUNTDOWN EP.698 | Mnet 210218 방송

This is the stage of “IDOL” that was performed at MCOUNTDOWN broadcasted on February 18th.

Sanha, Rocky and JINJIN from ASTRO, Kino and Wooseok from PENTAGON, and Sejun and Subin from VICTON danced.

It was a rare opportunity for popular idols ASTRO, PENTAGON, and VICTON to collaborate, so it was a legendary stage!

Kino had orange hair and Sanha had red hair, so their hair color was perfect for the concept of “IDOL”.

Everyone is a good performamce member, so you can feel the powerful energy in the performance.

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Also, at this MCOUNTDOWN, (G) I-DLE Miyeon and actor Nam Yoon Soo became the new MC.

The logo with the letters “M COUNTDOWN” has also changed, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to MCOUNTDOWN in the future!

I want to see more collaboration stages and cover stages ♪