RIIZE Wonbin looks like StrayKids Hyunjin and EXO D.O.? His guitar and dance are so cool!


RIIZE will be debuted from SM Entertainment.

RIIZE already has popular members such as Sungchan and Shotaro who were active in NCT.

Among fans, RIIZE Wonbin is a hot topic!

WonBin is an undisclosed trainee of SM Entertainment and was unknown until now.

When WonBin was revealed as a member of RIIZE, his handsome face became a hot topic.

It is said that WonBin looks like EXO D.O. (Kyungsoo) and StrayKids Hyunjin.

WonBin also dances really well!

In this video, WonBin is dancing in the center.

I haven’t heard Won Bin’s vocals yet, but it would be awesome if he could sing well!

Check out what WonBin will do with RIIZE from now on♪