NU’EST Minhyun has been selected as the back cover of DAZED July issue! Introducing a collaboration photo with LANCOME !!

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NU’EST Minhyun, who was especially noticed in Wanna One for its outstanding visuals.

Minhyun often appears on the cover of magazines and collaborates with cosmetic brands.

Such Minhyun collaborated with LANCOME on the back cover of the DAZED July issue!

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This is the back cover of DAZED July issue.

It was a close-up photo of Minhyun’s face, but it looks really cool!

The video of DAZED was also posted on Minhyun’s Instagram.

Minhyun was using cosmetics to make a jenga.

The makeup was perfect, and Minhyun’s visuals were shining.

The costume of the blue suit also looked great with Minhyun!

He was like a prince.

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NU’EST Minhyun on the back cover of DAZED July issue.

The collaborative photo with LANCOME was a photo that shows Minhyun’s high visual power.

Please check it out!