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BTS reveals Grammy Award rehearsal! Focus on RM’s remarks last year !!

BTS has released a rehearsal of the Grammy Awards!

“The most beautiful faces of 2019 ” decided! The first place is TWICE …

"the most beautiful faces of 2019 " has finally been announced !

D.O. has come to EXO’s live! ? Watch the live happily !!

D.O. who is enlisted in EXO encore live rushed to support!

Commemorative photo of BTS and Ariana Grande! !

What a World Diva Ariana Grande has posted on Twitter with BTS!

January 24 is the day when BTS Jimin tweeted for the first time! ThankYouJimin has become a trend!

January 24 is the day when BTS Jimin tweeted for the first time! "ThankYouJimin" has entered the trend as Jimin's first tweet anniversary!

BTS Taehyung(V) performs karaoke at V Live !!

On January 22, BTS member V (Taehyung) performed V live!

Girls’ Generation TiffanyYoung to Japan! Focus on gorgeous fashion !!

Girls' Generation Tiffany has left for Japan to hold the "2020 TIFFANY OPEN HEARTS EVE PART TWO IN TOKYO"!

TWICE’s TZUYU selfie is too cute! Do You Love TZUYU?

TWICE's TZUYU, who won the first place in the world, is talking about taking selfie photos too cute!

“BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” to be held! What are the venues and dates?

BTS '2020 World Tour “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” has been decided!

BTS “Black Swan” released! The key man is V (Taehyung)! ? What is the relationship with “Blood Sweat & Tears”?

BTS coming back on February 21. On January 17th, Art Film "Black Swan" was released!
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