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NCT 127 Doyoung has a Todoroki hair and odd eyes! Related videos of “STICKER” have been released!

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NCT 127 will make a comeback on September 17th with the new song “STICKER”.

This is the long-awaited comeback, and it’s the first comeback for NCT 127 in over a year.

The mood sampler of NCT127 “STICKER” has been released!

This is the “STICKER” Sticky Mood Sampler posted on NCT 127’s official Twitter account.

In the first released image, only the silhouettes of the members were shown, but this time we could see the outfits properly.

Everyone wore colorful outfits.

The hairstyle is also unique, and Doyoung’s hair contained red and white mesh!

Fans said that Doyoung’s hair color was similar to Shoto Todoroki in the anime “My Hero Academia.”

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Not only Doyoung’s hairstyle but also the hairstyles of other members were attracting attention, and Taeyeon’s hair is very cool.

Jungwoo’s white hair and Haechan’s pink hair look great too.

Let’s check the information on NCT 127 “STICKER” in the future ♪