Kang Daniel made a comeback with “PARANOIA”! Don’t miss the dance performance that expresses the conflict of mind!

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WannaOne debuted from Produce101 Season 2.

WannaOne is a group that has become very popular and album sales have reached million sales.

Even after the dissolution, WannaOne members are still active.

Kang Daniel, who served as the center of WannaOne, is still very popular.

On February 16th, Kang Daniel made a comeback with his new song “PARANOIA”!

This is the MV of Kang Daniel’s “PARANOIA” released on YouTube on February 16th.

I was attracted by the title “PARANOIA “.

The performance that was intense from the intro and expressed the conflict of the heart was impressive.

Many outfits appeared , and all of them are cool !

In the water scene that appears in the MV, Kang Daniel got sick after shooting.

It was a MV that you can feel the passion of Kang Daniel, and the dance performance was really cool!

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From now on, Kang Daniel will make a comeback activity with his new song “PARANOIA”.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of stage performance in each music program!

Please check it out ♪