TXT Yeonjun plays the role of ex-boyfriend! ? A cameo appeared in the drama “LIVE ON” and became a hot topic! What is the reaction of TXT members?


TXT (Tomorrow X Together) belongs to the same Big Hit Entertainment as BTS.

TXT has successfully completed their activity with the latest song “Blue Hour”.

This time, we will introduce the preview video of the drama “LIVE ON”, in which TXT Yeonjun first appeared in the acting!

This is a preview video of the 8th episode of “LIVE ON” released on YouTube.

“LIVE ON” is a hot topic starring NU’EST Minhyun, with VICTON ByungChan and YeonWoo from MOMOLAND also appearing.

TXT is singing the OST “Your Light” of “LIVE ON”, so it seems that Yeonjun made a special appearance!

The lines that Yeonjun was talking about were also attracting attention, “It’s been a long time. Do you remember when we were dating?” .

Yeonjun, who plays the role of ex-boyfriend, is very handsome!

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The reaction of TXT members who saw Yeonjun’s acting in “LIVE ON” was also talked about!

TXT members were making fun of Yeonjun’s acting, and Yeonjun himself had red ears and was shy.

I would like to see Yeonjun’s future actor activities ♪