Two-shot photo of Jaehyun and Shotaro! NCT U appeared on M COUNTDOWN for the first time in a long time !!

Quote from:MCOUNTDOWN twitter
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NCT2020 was formed by gathering NCT units.

The music video for the new song “Make A Wish” has been released, and cool dance has become a hot topic.

NCT U appeared on M COUNTDOWN broadcast on October 15th!

Here is a photo of NCT U posted on M COUNTDOWN’s official Twitter account.

Jaehyun and Shotaro, Lucas Taeyong Xiaojun, Jaemin and Doyoung, all of them were handsome.

It’s been a while since NCT appeared on M COUNTDOWN, and it was noticed from early on.

Furthermore, Mnet has started broadcasting the reality program “NCT World 2.0” of NCT2020!

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In NCT U “Make A Wish” that appeared in M COUNTDOWN, the dance of new member Shotaro was a hot topic.

Especially the climax dance was too amazing!

Please check the stage of “Make A Wish” ♪

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