It’s like a fairy tale world! ? OH MY GIRL Yooa debuts solo with “숲의 아이 (Bon voyage)”! Focus on the lyrics !!

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Popular KPOP girl group OH MY GIRL.

OH MY GIRL is a big hit with “Nonstop” released in 2020.

OH MY GIRL Yooa made her solo debut with “숲의 아이 (Bon voyage)”!

This is the music video for OH MY GIRL Yooa “숲의 아이 (Bon voyage)”.

A big wolf appeared in the woods, and it looked like a fairy tale!

“One day I opened my eyes to a little strange place / On my body, fur grows / On my head, a pair of sparking horns / Such a strange place”

The lyrics were a fairy tale-like world !

Yooa’s voice and the world view of the song matched, and it was a wonderful MV.

Yooa also showed us various hairstyles such as orange hair and boyish shortcuts.

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Yooa was first solo debut from OH MY GIRL.

In the debut song “숲의 아이 (Bon voyage)”, you could feel the Yooa’s charm.

Please check out the MV of the world view like a fairy tale ♪