Kang Daniel won the first place of “Who U Are” for THE SHOW! Encore stage is ventriloquist! ?

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Quote from:KANG DANIEL twitter
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Kang Daniel from Wanna One who made a comeback with the new song “Who U Are”.

The song “Who U Are” is cool and perfect for Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel won the 1st place in “Who U Are” for the first time at THE SHOW broadcast on August 11th!

Kang Daniel, (G)I-DLE and ATEEZ were selected as the top candidates in this show.

And, wonderfully, Kang Daniel won the 1st place.

The first place candidates were all popular idols, and it’s amazing to win the first place!

The new song “Who U Are” won the first place for the first time on a music program.

At the encore stage, Daniel sang “Who U Are” in a ventriloqui style.

Kang Daniel was so cute that he was embarrassed and surrounded by all the dancers.

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Kang Daniel won the first place of “Who U Are” at THE SHOW.

I’m looking forward to seeing Kang Daniel win first place in future music shows.

Please check it out♪