What is Baskin Robbins ice cream “BORA BORA (보라보라)” made by BTS? Introducing flavors !!

Quote from:BaskinRobbins twitter

BTS collaborated with major ice cream maker Baskin Robbins.

The collaboration between BTS and Baskin Robbins was also interesting.

This time, I would like to introduce the new flavor “BORA BORA (보라보라)” jointly created by BTS and Baskin Robbins!

Quote: https://www.baskinrobbins.co.kr/menu /fom.php

Here is the new flavor “BORA BORA” created by BTS and Baskin Robbins.

The purple color that is the theme color of BTS was impressive.

BORA BORA is a combination of four ice creams, including blueberry ice cream, blueberry yogurt ice cream, yogurt ice cream and blackberry sorbet.

It has a lot of berries, so it’s a summer flavor!

The name “BORA BORA (보라보라)” is also BTS-like and wonderful.

I want to sell it not only in Korea but in various places.

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BTS and Baskin Robbins jointly made “BORA BORA (보라보라)”.

“BORA BORA (보라보라)” has plenty of berries, and the theme is purple in BTS color.

Please check it out♪