EXO Baekhyun covers BOA “공중정원 (Garden In The Air)”!

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BOA has made a lot of history with KPOP.

BOA is still active and is very popular.

EXO Baekhyun has covered BOA’s “공중정원 (Garden In The Air)”!

[STATION] BAEKHYUN 백현 '공중정원 (Garden In The Air)' Live Video – Our Beloved BoA #1

This is the cover of “공중정원 (Garden In The Air)” by EXO Baekhyun released on July 31st.

Baekhyun was the top batter in the project that covers BOA songs by SM Entertainment artists!

Baekhyun used to cover the BOA song at an EXO-CBX live.

The song “공중정원 (Garden In The Air)” released this time was also singing refreshingly like Baekhyun.

The MV was beautiful with the night view in the background.

Baekhyun will be followed by BOL4 and Red Velvet to cover BOA songs.

I’m looking forward to the cover of any artist.

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EXO Baekhyun that covers BOA’s “공중정원 (Garden In The Air)”.

Baekhyun is really good at singing and heals me every time I listen.

Please check it out♪