NiziU Mayuka’s new hairstyle! Cute hashtag too !!


NiziU was born from the Nizi project.

NiziU is being talked about not only in Japan but around the world.

Introducing the cute photos posted by NiziU Mayuka!

This is a photo posted on the official Instagram of NiziU.

“Three people went out yesterday with a hairstyle that I haven’t tried too much 🚙”

Mayuka’s braid looks great, and it was a very cute photo.

I was eating a hot dog that looked delicious.

In the last photo, Riku and Rio were shown with Mayuka.

All three bucket hats were cute.

The hashtag “#Use it like a date with MAYUKA” was cute!

It was a cute post like Mayuka.

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NiziU’s Instagram posted by different members every day.

This time it was a post by Mayuka.

I’m looking forward to who will post what next♪