Girls’ Generation Yoona’s dance cover is a hot topic! From NCT to EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN! !


Legend class KPOP idol, Girls’ Generation.

KPOP idol that everyone knows.

Recently, They have been doing their best in individual activities, but the bonds of the members are connected.

This time, introduces NCT, EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN’s dance cover videos by Girls’ Generation Yoona!

소녀시대 센터 윤아의 남돌댄스 커버(엔시티,엑소,방탄소년단,세븐틴) SNSD Yoona dance cover boy group (NCT,EXO,BTS,Seventeen)

This is a dance cover video of Girls’ Generation Yoona.

Yoona covered NCT127 “Kick It”, EXO “Love Shot”, BTS “ON”, and SEVENTEEN “VERY NICE” with dance cover!

Yoona has a strong image of an actress these days, but she’s really good at dancing!

Her boys group dance was powerful and cool.

It was a video with a gap between Yoona’s cute appearance.

The response was great.

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Girls’ Generation Yoona is playing an active role in multi.

I was happy to see Yoona’s dance after a long time.

I hope Yoona will continue to show us a lot!

Please check it out!