Full of stuffed animals!TikTok video of TXT Soobin transformed into a panda is a hot topic! !

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The high level of performance and the cute characters of the members are popular.

TXT is always interacting with the fans.

TXT’s V Live is always cute and healed.

This time, I will introduce the cute video that the leader of TXT, Soobin, posted to TikTok !

Here is a video that Soobin posted to TikTok.

He introduced me to a lot of stuffed animals in the txt dormitory.

I think the stuffed Hueningkai collected it.

All the cute stuffed animals.

There was A PEACH, too.

In the end, Soobin transformed into a panda appeared.

It’s so cute!

Thanks to Soobin, I was healed.

I’m looking forward to the video of fun TXT from now on♪