D.O. has come to EXO’s live! ? Watch the live happily !!


EXO popular in the world.

It was very popular in Japan, and the tour was a great success.

EXO is holding “EXO PLANET # 5-EXplOration [dot]” as an encore concert in Seoul for three days from December 29 to 31.

D.O. who is enlisted in EXO encore live rushed to support!

The fans were surprised that D.O.

It’s a rare and private feeling.

The knit hat is cute.

It’s mysterious that D.O. is watching EXO, though she always dances as EXO.

It looks really fun.

The penlight was shaking well.

D.O. was also caught wearing glasses with a penlight.

Kai was pointing to D.O. during the D.O. part!

D.O. was a delightful performance with a special feeling.

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